The holiday playlist

The holiday playlist

The holiday playlist

Part of the ritual of going on holiday is selecting the music you want to listen to during the trip. Whether it is a couple of albums to delve into or a mixtape of current favourites, the choices are always carefully considered.

Destination is key. None more so than when the sun, sea and sand are involved. There is something about these three ‘s’s that conjure up particular sounds and genres of music.

One place that is synonymous with this idea is the island of Ibiza. It has a long history of people sound tracking its landscape and energy. Call it Balearic, ambient, chill out, new age or even eclectic it is perhaps best reflected when providing musical accompaniment to a sunset.

Cassette cover of Cafe del Mar Volume 1 compiled by José Padilla.

Image: Cassette cover of Cafe del Mar 1 compiled by José Padilla.

Two DJs that personify this style are the late great José Padilla and Phil Mison, both of whom held residencies at the infamous Café del Mar in the 90s. It would be fair to say that these sets along with the cassettes they complied and sold at the time are now part of Ibizan folklore.

The melting pot of influences that Padilla and Mison draw upon seem to reflect Ibiza’s spirit of open mindedness. They feel directly born out of Ibiza’s location in the Mediterranean and the island’s rich and varied history.

There are countless recordings of these online and we would urge you to check them out if you haven’t already. What’s so great about them is their ability to create an atmosphere and mood through the music they select. It’s a real art form.

Illustration by Crimson Rose for a Spotify playlist inspired by Ibiza and holidays.

I have always gravitated towards DJs that take you on a journey, that transport you somewhere else. After all who wouldn’t want to be taken back to that poolside lounger, recall that amazing beach bar sunset or be reminded of the warmth of the sun on your skin?

With this in mind I have put together a series of playlists for my Island Dreams collection.

Happy travelling. xx

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