Highly colourful digitally printed silk scarf with original Crimson Rose O'Shea drawing inspired by the landscape, atmosphere and energy of Ibiza.

Greetings from Ibiza scarf

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Printed silk twill scarf with hand rolled hem. Original Crimson Rose O'Shea illustration inspired by the landscape, atmosphere, and energy of Ibiza.

Can be worn on the body or framed as an artwork. If you are interested in purchasing a framed scarf please email us.

100% silk.
40 x 40 cm.


Ibiza is an island with multiple personalities that has attracted the artistic, free spirited and open minded for decades. Best known for its hedonistic side because of the club scene that erupted in 1990’s it is an island synonymous with its nightlife and consequently words such as pleasure, escapism, and freedom spring to mind when you think of it. Beyond this though there is a deep contemplative side to the island which is a place of outstanding natural beauty. This design celebrates the landscape, architecture and nature of the island depicting the Mediterranean Sea, a sunset, rustic finca, cactus and the famous flamingos. The two female characters reflect both the contemplative side to the island and its' more hedonistic one. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a dreamcatcher to symbolise Ibiza’s more free-spirited mystical side.